In 2019 Liam undertook a beekeeping course and introduced four hives to the farm.

We are absolutely thrilled with the honey. Our honey has hints of our farm’s clover, blackberry, gorse, wildflower meadow, and tree blossoms. Deliciously light and fragrant, it is completely different from shop bought honey. 

We plan to increase our hive numbers over the next few years as well as planting additional areas of the farm with heathers and wildflowers.

Our raw honey is cold filtered to preserve the delicate flavour, enzymes, proteins and anti-oxidants. As it has not been heat treated or pasteurised it will crystallise quicker than most commercially produced honey. This is completely natural and can be reversed by simply heating gently. We recommend placing in water at approximately 40 degrees celsius for 10-15 minutes. Heating at higher temperatures may destroy the honey’s live enzymes and affect its flavour.

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